May 12 | 2023

Lainey Wilson Gives Fiery “Grease” Performance Between Two Big ACM Wins

Days before her ACM performance Wilson teased “It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be spicy, it’s going to be sexy. I’m showing you a side that I don’t get to show a whole lot.” And she delivered it.

Wearing blue iridescent, studded bell bottom pants and topped in a sleeveless sequin silvery white top, Wilson gave one of the most fired-up performances of the evening singing through Good God Almighty / Boy, you got me begging like a ol’ hound dog / Buttered up and rolling, like a skillet smoking up a kitchen down in Arkansas / Yeah, we on to something, won’t ya keep it coming from “Grease,” which she co-wrote with Jessi Alexander and Andrew Petroff.

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